Pulling the plug on
poor sanitation
Thank you to everyone that helped us raise £22,000 for charity.

Thanks also to DynoRod who raised £10,000. Look out for our 2011 campaign!

What is National Plughole Week?

National Plughole Week was founded in 2007 to raise awareness of poor sanitation in developing countries.  The campaign is driven by Buster, the caring plughole brand, which is working with Oxfam to raise money to help the 1.1 billion people worldwide who do not have access to clean, safe water.

In 2009 Buster raised £10,500 though an on pack promotion in all national retailers, which helped save the lives of 8,750 families. Buster also hired the London Duck which drove around the city all day promoting National Plughole Week. You can see pictures from the event in 2009 here.

For 2010, Buster hopes to quadruple this figure with the help of its new campaign partner Dyno-Rod.

Where your money goes

Oxfam will be using your valuable life saving donations to provide water filtration buckets, however the bucket is just the start - all donations from National Plughole Week go to Oxfam's water and sanitation work - from buckets to boreholes, and with your help we will be able to provide long term access to safe, clean water and sanitation.

These life saving filtration buckets are also supplied in an emergency so this humble bucket can become a lifeline. Going beyond the pail, these buckets are hygienic and secure - vital for carrying and storing clean water for drinking and washing and helping prevent the spread of disease.

5 Key facts about the bucket!

  1. Big enough but not too heavy.
  2. The plastic moulding pieces have been ground off at the bottom because in many of the cultures, people carry buckets on their heads.
  3. Sanitation - the bucket had to have a lid on it to keep the water in and the bugs and diseases out.
  4. An insertable tap that allows you to draw water from the bucket without putting dirty implements in it.
  5. These buckets take up about a tenth of the size of the old jerry cans

Watch the Oxfam Bucket Saves Lives video and see how one little Oxfam bucket provides clean transportable water in emergency situations.

For more information please visit www.oxfam.org.uk

Hygienic and Secure Water Buckets

Hygienic and Secure Water Buckets

Why should I care?

5,000 children die every day because they do not have clean, safe water to drink. And worldwide, an estimated 1.1 billion people rely on unsafe drinking water sources.

Oxfam is renowned for its work to provide safe, clean water and sanitation in emergency situations. The charity is committed to encouraging governments, organisations, communities and individuals around the world to actively engage in addressing water sanitation issues.

5,000 Children die every day

5,000 Children die every day

How Can I Help?

This year National Plughole Week is going to be bigger than ever with even more ways you can get involved.

Bottle for Change    

In April, National Plughole Week launched its Bottle for Change campaign. All you have to do is request one or more of our specially designed, free bottles of mineral water. Once you receive the bottle, enjoy a drink then use the empty bottle to collect 1ps, 5ps and 20ps.

Your donation can be banked at any Lloyds TSB Bank. Alternatively send a cheque direct to us or make an online payment at our Just Giving site www.justgiving.com/plugholeweekwithoxfam

A little change goes a long way.

  • 1p coins only = clean water for 2 families
  • 5p coins only = clean water for 18 families 
  • 20p coins only = clean water for 62 families

For more information visit our Bottle for Change site.



Help Buster to make a difference

For the second year running, Buster will be donating 5p for every product sold in June and July to the campaign. Buster is available in all major retailers and hardware stores. So by purchasing Buster you will be helping to raise vital life saving funds.

Our new partner for 2010, Dyno-Rod will also be supporting National Plughole Week in a number of ways. Keep an eye out for updates.

Other National Plughole Week 2010 activities

2010 Alton Water Fun Run –

National Plughole Week will be setting the pace on Sunday 9th May as the main sponsor of the the Alton Water Fun Run in Holbrook, Suffolk. If you’re a keen runner come and take the challenge of the 10K race or 2K run, or simply enjoy a fun, family day out. Visit www.altonwaterrun.co.uk

If you’ve got any ideas for fundraising activities for National Plughole Week we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at npw@nationalplugholeweek.com

Bottle for Change

Bottle for Change

Who is Behind National Plughole Week?

There are a number of key partners who make National Plughole Week possible.

Buster, the plughole care experts, have been involved in National Plughole Week since it was founded in 2007. Buster is an Oxfam corporate partner and last year raised £10,500 for the charity through National Plughole Week.

Louise Perry, Brand Manager for Buster which is the UK brand leader in plughole care, said: "Being part of National Plughole Week is a great honour for us. We are extremely lucky in this country to have clean, running water as part of our everyday life and find it hard to cope, even for a few hours, if our water is turned off for a plumbing repair. However,people in the developing world do not have access to clean water on a daily basis. Therefore, Buster is dedicated to raising funds to help change these people’s lives for the better.”

Buster offers a range of plughole care products, including two unblocking products and two routine treatment products. Buster is the only brand which has different products to tacklethe individual needs of kitchen and bathroom plugholes. For more information about Buster please visit www.plugholesneedlovetoo.com

Dyno-Rod is the country’s most established emergency drainage and plumbing company. They are delighted to be working alongside the Buster brand in sponsoring National Plughole Week.

“Most people in the UK have absolutely no idea what it’s like to have to live without clean water, yet in many third world countries this is simply a way of life. We are keen to help Oxfam raise awareness of this issue and to assist in any way we can to help make drinking water safer in these countries, thereby helping to save thousands of innocent lives”

Ranjit Randhawa, Marketing Manager at Dyno-Rod

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Each year we agree which charities the whole business will support. This year we have an environmental one another providing access to sport and our Olympic hopefuls but Bottle for Change gets us all personally involved and impacts on the largest number of lives.


Buster the Plughole Care Experts

Buster the Plughole Care Experts

Dyno Rod First for Emergency Care and Repair

Dyno Rod First for Emergency Care and Repair

Bottle For Change